Friday, September 26, 2014

MP says some gambling centres promoting their illegal service openly

FLYERS promoting the services and offers of an illegal cybercafe and gambling centre are being distributed to Segambut folk.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng was outraged by the promotion of the new centre located in a prime area as well as being opposite the SK Segambut Jaya and SJK(C) Khai Chee schools.
“Since two days ago, some people have been giving out flyers door-to-door and to motorists to promote the illegal service. This is the first time an illegal cyber gambling centre here has pulled such a daring stunt.
“They are blatantly challenging the authorities and behaving as if they are above the law, it is outrageous!” said Lim.
On distinguishing between legal and illegal cyber centres, Lip said the illegal ones have dark tints on their windows to hide their dubious operations.
“Under DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall) regulations, all Internet centres must have a transparent screen so their operations are in full view of the public.”
“These centres are also equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to monitor if any authorities are coming their way to raid their premises,” he added.
He added that local authorities had done little to curb the mushrooming of illegal cybercafes and gambling centres, especially in Kampung Segambut Dalam.
“I have complained to DBKL and the Segambut police about this problem, but they have not taken any action. I am very disappointed.
“When I report to the Sentul police, they say it is DBKL’s jurisdiction and they cannot conduct raids or confiscate items from the centre.
“When I approached DBKL, they say they do not have the power to arrest anyone and only the police can handle the matter. So, who do I complain to?” he said, adding that he planned to complain to all the ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department on the matter.
Following media coverage on five illegal cyber gambling centres in Taman Sri Sinar two weeks ago, Lip said the centres ceased perations for only three days.
“Those five gambling centres I had highlighted to the media resumed their operations just after three days and soon after that these flyers started being distributed.
“To me, gambling is the most serious social ill. Those who lose money gambling end up stealing and dealing in drugs to finance their activities,” he added.
Advertising their 24-hour service, the centre also promoted its membership cards, Internet credit deals, free food and beverage to attract customers.
Anak-Anak Segambut community leader and longtime resident, Irwan Sabei is worried that children would start gambling as the centres are located near schools.
“I have seen children in school uniform visiting these cyber gambling centres after school. Many SPM leavers also work at these outlets,” he said, adding that illegal gambling had been a recurring problem in Segambut for more than a decade.

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