Monday, April 7, 2008

Bar council in DBKL advisory board?

Dear Honourable Bar Councils,

Last Friday, I attended a meeting called by FT minister Datuk Zulhasnan Rafique whom I believe at one time was one of us in the Bar. KL city mayor & about 30 heads of various FT Ministry/DBKL departments were there in the meeting.

During the meeting, one of the many questions I asked the minister was to let the Malaysian Bar have a seat in the DBKL advisory board. It can be done because their rule allocates 3 seats for professionals. The role of the board members is similar to local councillors at the states' local governments.

Zulhasnan's first response was "We will study it". I pressed him for an answer in a given date. His response was still "We will study it".

Fellow councils, please make noise if you agree that there must be a representative from the Bar to sit in the powerful DBKL advisory board.

Lim Lip Eng
DAP MP for Segambut KL


Anonymous said...

Dear Segambut MP,

What is really going on in DBKL? When a house owner wants to any renovation to his house or premises, he or she need to obtain approval from Jabatan Perancangan Bandar, DBKL and also the concern from next door neighbours. As single complaint from neighbour will result in stop order and swipe action from the enforecment unit, DBKL will come over to the premise that renovation work is going on and meet up with the contractor and collect some RM to keep everybody quiet.

But lately it seems that when pasar malam matter is concern, DBKL close both their eyes. Never ever ask anybody premission before even putting up pasar malam stall infront of your house. Complain after complain never bring any results. Because the organiser of each pasar malam pay so much undertable money to everyone from top to down in the Jabatan Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil, DBKL. By paying undertable money, the organiser can putting illegal stalls, allow foreigners to operate stalls, can put stalls anywhere he feel that suitable for him and the stall owners, threaten house owners and many- many more.

This is how DBKL is been managed and this is how people in DBKL works. Wherever they see the opportunity to earn EXTRA RM, then they will be very effective in taking action and you can see lorries/trucks load of enforcement peoples will be coming over to harass whoever the victim is.


motro said...

Hi YB,
I'm from your constituency, Kg Segambut Dalam, saya amat bersetuju dan menyokong cadangan YB kepada Menteri WP itu. Pada masa yang sama, bila nak datang melawat ke kampung saya?
2 masalah utama di Kg Segambut ialah pertama; penempatan pekerja asing yang 'unorganised' by those developers.
Kedua ialah pengurusan sampah sarap yang menyedihkan oleh kontraktor DBKL.
Walaupun saya bukan ahli DAP, saya percaya rakan2 YB dari Keadilan yang juga rakan2 saya, bersedia bekerjasama dengan YB, dan umumnya rakyat Kg Segambut amat mengalu2kan kebijaksanaan YB dalam menangani isu-isu setempat.

Jiran Bukit Segambut.

Billgates said...

I hope all the Pakatan Rakyat YBs will "turun padang" and see for yourself problems encountered by the people. Do it as if there is going to be a by-election soon.

You are being watched.