Friday, April 11, 2008

The Road Blocks to City Hall

As a follow up to a recent meeting with the Federal Territories(FT) minister and his deputy, of which turned out to be an utter disappointment and waste of time due to agendaless show of power, Saravanan has again lambasted the "real" FT representatives with a series of half truth and self pleasing comments (please see Malaysiakini report on 7/4/2008 titled Saravanan tells KL MPs to work with ministry).

He alleged the 10 Members of Parliament(MP) chosen by the people were "misbehaving" by not kow-towing to him after attending a last minute meetings called by his UMNO leader (whom have won the Setiawangsa seat merely on postal votes).

I would like to point to the MIC representative for Tapah that being elected representative, I am tirelessly working on the ground, helping the people where I can in KL. With the close to 60,000 voters in Segambut alone, I am rather tied down my time with the people than to say "hello" to Saravanan. The utter disrespect the Ministry show for us the 10 Pakatan Rakyat MP by the way the meeting has been scheduled, left much to be desired and I seriously doubt their claim that they are here to serve the people. While Saravanan mentioned that this is how the government operate and ask us to "embrace" the system, I would like him to check his facts. The way the Government has operated in KL for many many years and working reasonably well was without having the FT Ministry, even less him playing second fiddle in it.

Saravanan also mentioned that the MP should give the minister and the ministry opportunity to improve the lives of people in the federal capital. I would like Saravanan to face the fact that the people seems to have enough of BN running or “ruining” the city as shown by the overwhelming rejection of UMNO, BN, MCA, GERAKAN and yes, MIC. They don't want to work with this so call ministry and I would be betraying their votes if I am to be subservient to the ministry. The way I see it, the existence of this ministry serve nothing more than just to pay high wages to several loyalist and to add further roadblocks to the already congested bureaucratic system in the local government.

As a MP for this area, I can't wait to pour my all into making things better for people in Segambut. But apparently Zulhasnan and Saravanan are mounting political roadblocks to stop me and the other MPs from doing so by barricading the gates to City Hall advisory council and even City Hall itself by refusing us a direct route to the civil servants who are suppose to serve the people, through us. Saravanan blatantly accused us of playing politics but the real fact is that they are the real party doing "small movement" to stop us from effectively serving the people.

My call as Segambut MP remains the same. Mr Minister by postal votes and your deputy, get out of our way to City Hall. Do you part for the little trust people still have with you in Setiawangsa and Tapah, but don't expect us to forsake our people to rub your ego by attending whatever so call urgent workshop or last minute meeting. For Saravanan specifically, look at the agriculture and tourism problems of your constituency. On a further note, the Prime Minister should shelf the Ministry as it really seems to be doing absolutely nothing constructive and beneficial to the people of the Federal Territory while actively preventing those whose genuinely want to serve from doing so.

DAP MP for Segambut


aavaz said...

The people of KL are just fed up with this kind of talk, the days of kowtowing are over. Why is the daily heavy traffic jams in jalan TAR not addressed? An absolute shame considering that Dewan Bandaraya is a stone throw away.
Would appreciate if you can ask the Minister of FT to give an answer to these questions that have been linked.

Anonymous said...

tuahyong's comments....

Hi YB.
I am staying in the setapak area and I did not vote for this "redundant" dude to be a minister and I wonder how he won?

Please recommend in Parliament for these Menteri and Timbalan to be scrapped so as not to waste our taxpayers' money. This guy had already a big Amno centre near Carrefour and I wonder how he "grabbed" this large piece of land.

Anonymous said...

YB Lim,

It is to be expected that BN still lives in some wonderland and refuses to see the reality on the ground. People voted against that PRECISELY because of this kind of arrogance, vengefulness and idiocy that they have shown. You have rightly pointed out that BN has been completely THROWN OUT of KL, but they still run the ministry?!!! Ridiculous...

Please fight them and ignore their positions. People will know the sincere ones. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Mr. MP,

What are you going to do with the numerous stalls erected on pedestrian walkways, bus-stops, vacant lands, in front of shop-houses? These stalls are the major cause of traffic hiccups. Smash down all those stalls.

When will DBKL selll the flat units to Pekeliling residents now shifted to Desa Rejang, Setapak?
We are suffering here without proper access to transport and market? No proper place to pay last respect for dead relatives(currently occupying car park lots). Please review the residents status, most of them own Toyota VIOS, PERDANA, SUVS and other luxury models and still staying in low cost flats. LIFE IS DIFFICULT HERE!

By right KL should be ruled by the opposition. We are cheated!

Anonymous said...

Don't expect them to change overnite. They need a few knocks before they wake up. That they are suppose to serve the rakyat.

Have a short story to tell.
The place I stay is under Segambut but Batu is just across the road. Condo committee called DBKL on trees growing in the public area are growing into the condo, called DBKL to trim the trees. DBKL replied that we need to pay a few hundreds ringgit to trim it. That was before election 8 march. After 8 march called DBKL again, DBKL said they will do it. After a few days they were there trimming the trees with no charges.

Committee members were happy as they do not have to trouble Batu MP.

Anonymous said...

dear yb,

i believe saravanan is dreaming that he will one day occupy Samy's position in MIC , hence the practise to expect people to fall on his feet ...because he actually did that to be where he is with Samy..
He used to be the boy who would wait for Samy to come to work so that he could do his thambi job

what would be good is for you to do some background checking on him where sentul is concerned....


Anonymous said...

The city should not sleep. You are an elected representative of the people of KL - "Makkal Sakthi". Give the little Napoleons sleepless nights too. Collaboratively raise the issues in Parliment, organise more protest especially in front of DBKL building and if possible make it daily a affair, until they bow.

Anonymous said...

"He alleged the 10 Members of Parliament(MP) chosen by the people were "misbehaving" by not kow-towing to him after attending a last minute meetings called by his UMNO leader (whom have won the Setiawangsa seat merely on postal votes)."

Tell that waste of tax payers' money that he is running a city hall and not given an imperial court. Kow Tow? Who the hell he think he is? I did not pay for a fictitous royalty.

The meeting is suppose to tackle hard hitting issues professional and objectively for the good of people they swore to serve, not holding a bleeding court with jesters and asslickers!

Make KL a liveable city for it's folks and attractive destination for foreign tourists and professionals.

Seriously, the administration of the capital will be in limbo if this immaturity persist.

- Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I am the 3rd generation living in Segambut and I voted for you. We voted for you because we need change.

If you ever use the road from Segambut Tengah to Segambut Dalam you would notice that the road looks like a battalion of tanks just drove by. The road need upgrade because the 2 lane road can handle the traffic anymore.

Also, please help us clean the ever increasing illegal immigrants and camp sites. It's not cute little Indonesia/Myammar/Bangladesh/Tibet/etc.. anymore. It's almost like their own country. Illegal stores and stalls, DBKL does comes around once in a while but soon left while smile on their face.

Please, don't just concentrate on the posh Mont Kiara and elite TTDI like the man before you did.

We are willing to help you and wishing you all the best.

Thank you

LYS said...

Please continue the drive for change! If leaders dare openly practice double standards on opposition reps, what more can rakyat expect from government?

You have my support.