Monday, April 21, 2008

Samy Vellu Wannabe

There are reports that I raised only petty issues at the roundtable retreat held by FT ministry on 17-18/4/2008 at Hotel Istana. As a responsible Pakatan Rakyat MP for Segambut, I of course did more than that... (I am glad of all details, whether they seem to you to be relevant or not- Sherlock Holmes).

For the record, on the 1st day of the retreat I have reiterated all issues that were raised by my Pakatan Rakyat MPs before me. I have also raised issues such as when and how Jalan Segambut can be widened/upgraded to tackle the 24/7 traffic woes there, whether the hillside “Damansara21” project to build only 21 bungalows selling at more than 10 millions each is still safe to proceed, to be given the list of names of all key holders to all Segambut community halls which are owned and managed by DBKL but in control by BN people, whether City mayor is waging a war on Pakatan Rakyat MPs by conducting activities/programs under the names of respective Parliament constituency without even informing let alone inviting the rightfully elected MP there and yes, the double standard issue on hotel parking. I further criticized city mayor & FT minister in wasting tax payers’ money on having the retreat at 5-star Hotel Istana while there are available many unutilized DBKL big halls. I even disclosed the misery of a former BN MP in KL who couldn’t get help/cooperation from DBKL even while his term as a MP. And I was the first one to query city mayor and his gangs why the media were not allowed to cover the whole morning session.

As expected, all my issues raised have not been answered at time of writing this blog and yes, I got to pay RM10 for parking.

Unlike Samy Vellu wannabe Datuk M. Saravanan who disappeared at the retreat right after having 5-star hotel lunch only to show himself at the end of the afternoon session and the pompous Tengku Adnan who stormed off the venue shortly after his grand arrival at 2:30pm, FT Minister Datuk Seri Zulhasnan Rafique sat throughout the 9-hour meeting on the 1st day of the retreat.

I didn’t attend the 2nd day of the retreat because Adnan already said that the retreat was rubbish and also of threat by Saravanan not to hold the retreat anymore. They are part of the retreat organizer yet they don’t encourage the need of such forum, so why should I?

DAP MP for Segambut


labisman said...

You knew that you're dealing with warlords and you knew how they treated the opposition and Rakyat. I guessed ( based on the MSM report) the failure of the whole meeting was due to your (and some of the PR's MP)approach and due to that, 'we' have lost the best venue to voice the rakyat's concern.

Dear YB, as the Malay proverb says; Ular menyusur akar, takkan hilang bisanya.

Anonymous said...

One word for you 'tactful'

U have to learn how to be tactful. If we want something and dealing with somebody, we need to be tactful.

So reduce your ego, your voice and talk like a gentlemen. People will like u.

Shah said...

Dear YB Sdr. Lim

I agree with what labisman stated and he is very true to his words. Sdr keep on harping these people relentlessly. Just do what you are doing and if it benefits them the rakyat will be behind you.


Humble Voice said...

Dear YB,

I agree with labisman that a less confrontational approach would have been more appropriate.

With so much baggage behind - this is not a time to insist on absolute rightness. It is much more constructive to try to get as much accomplished as possible within the constraint of the current circumstance.

aji said...

haha...this saravanan is from my parlimentary area Tapah...he almost lost in GE2008...BUUTTTT...then came the ever mysterious UNDI POS....wallap...he win...

Anonymous said...

Bro Lim,
I am happy to read your version of what had transpired at the retreat.
I hope you will continue to update us in a timely manner so that we can appreciate whats goin on. Just by reading news from MSM or from BN controlled TV news, we are getting twisted news. Look forward to your views on the Damansara21 project. Cheers
Habib RAK (TTDI)

AC said...

Great work ! carry on, the truth will set you free. I am most upset with The Star last Saturday reported a one sided story. I have decided to boycott The Star from now onwards ....
Pls keep us inform abt the truth on your blog ...

cheers !

Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye. A bullet for a bullet. That's how war started! Looks like the FT elected MP's of PR are going to be shot at all the time.
Don't BN MP's have maruah? These are MP's elected by the people, for the people and they did exactly what the rakyat wish them to.
Do not play hard ball just because you are BN Deputy Menteri! You days as YB Menteri are numbered dey!

Anonymous said...

YB Lim,

Belajarlah taichi sikit. Konfrontasi sampai bila pun tak capai apa-apa.

Billgates said...

Dear YB,

I understand you are trying your level best to bring all the issues that you have but please do it tactfully.

Don't let the enemy catch your weaknesses if you want to stay a victor.

Remember you are the voice of Pakatan Rakyat and not yourself.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,
well, well whoever dealt with these warlords before would understand how you feel.
I think i could not agree with labisman, that the failuer of the whole meeting was due to the Pakatan Rakyat MP's appraoch. You know dealing with warlords, cant engage soft approach, they would not pay attention! Personally I dont want my MP to go in there enjoy the 5 star hotel food and take a nap and come out. Labisman, you really think the roundtable retreat is the BEST VENUE TO VOiCE THE RAKYAT'S CONCERN? Then we should not have gone out and voted on 8.3.08, just engage some PR expert to go there and talk. that would solve that problem

KK said...

Dear MP,
I went for the "Damansara21” project site on Sunday, i know it was your effort to pull everyone together to tell the people what DBKL has done to fool our people and surprisingly Saravanan was there too. I heard from my fren from in that area that the developer now is facing alot of problem after you broght up the issue, like some sort of stop order has been issued or fine imposed, i know many would say it's saravanan's effort, but i heard while i was there too that the promises given by the BN MP in relation to this project previously were really uncountable and never come true, but this time, some actions were really taken by DBKL, was it really becuase of saravanan, we all know the answer, was it becuase of the roundtable retreat talk? we all know it's not. the roundtable retreat is only privy to the warlords and the pakatan MP and to be reported by papers who were literally fed by these warlords. so i know alot would be bluffed by the reports, but i believe too that nowadays people are not soo naive anymore, the paper can print whatever they want, darken the pakatan MP all they want, but we all know the truth, the spirit of 8.308 will prevail, the people's power

Anonymous said...

Labis, sometimes we have to realize the arrogance of BN even they lost badly on GE. Tai chi and softness was and is never compromise.

MSM is just publishing tons of crap to make PR look bad. TODAY i can't believe many still buy MSM news, even they say 'A parking fee halt the whole meeting'.

Coffee said...

Dear MP,
Don be disheartened, we all know why Saravanan attacked you on the parking issue, cox he has no other things to say! to all the other issues that you raised he diam sahaja, some more it's so stupid for him to say "now you are opposition MP you want free parking, if you are governing party MP you want to own the hotel".
What Saravanan really meant was an ADMISSION!!!!! that's the typical general attitude of the BN MP, is to sapu everything if you are the governing party MP - as of right. Mr Lim, dont be upset, Saravanan is just talking about his ownself, he is now the governing MP, so he owns the hotel!
If Mr Lim wants to own hotel, he would not have joined Pakatan Rakyat la, he would have joined Gerakan!

Anonymous said...

Who said the parking issue is small? it is big, ok, it shows that until today, the BN still think they can do whatever they want. still practising double standard. the last time i checked they have only 1 setas in the total 11 wilayah parliamentary seats. Still want to be so sombong! it's their attitude, total disregard of others and think that they own this piece of land. we are the rakyat, we own the land, not them or the crony. cant stand them, typical you are my crony you get to have the front seats!
I am sure after this incident, the next time when Saravanan deals with 2 residents 1 from TTDI and 1 from Segambut rumah panjang, he would know, he has to treat both with equal respect cox the same MP who stands behind these residents is one who cant tolerate favoratism.
Segambut MP, way to go, without fear and favour!
Saravanan, talking about arrogant, please look into the mirror and think twice the next time before you speak!

Anonymous said...

tactful is only applicable when you are a diplomat, direct and straight to the point is the what you do when you are an MP. if tactful can work, the Hindraf members would not have to go on the street. They talked, talked talked so long, the 5 Hindraft leaders are still in Kemungtin, useful? But, of talking is not helpful, why dont we see any more hidraf member say anything aggresive/make any aggresive move any more? Simply becuase if they do so, they too would be arrested and put in jail under ISA.
And ISA is the main reason why so many people are so quiet. And now, we have a daring MP, who is fearless and would say anything to point out the wrong doing of the warlords and you want him to be tactful. Why dont you all just ask him to sit down and keep quiet, maybe, the almighty Saravanan might be so happy that he grants you all some fund/built some roads/schools. talk some more!

Anonymous said...

Actually it's very sad.
after 8.3.08, the people suddenly realised that they have the power to bring down the warlords, so they become very happy and proud of themselves. Some of them has also become very vocal, they change the location where they talk, from kopitiam to blog too. And when there is a tiny little thing that they think is "probably a good chance to attack and speak and show that i am not a fool and I am the people i have power i better dont loose it" they just simply say it, regardless of whether it is logical or not/petty or not/rediculous or not.

Like this article in the Star,the author made it such a big issue about MP did not put in their list of quesions, like she really regretted having elected the MP there, questioning the attitude of the new MP (though she did not specifically say it but she was actually targetting at the newly elected MP, mainly the Pakatan Rakyat MP) what is the big deal, all this while, when the parliament was dominated by the BN people, did you ask? did you querry? they are newbies la come on, give them a chance, first time they made a mistake, reprimand them and tell them to be more focused, that's about it, why even question the vote that you castd on 8.3.08. Like you simply did not sure. I hate it when people say "i regretted i have voted for ???" especially over a minor thing. Vote BN lo then, let them be polite/tactful or even look friendly when they are totally sacrificing your rights all over the place

Anonymous said...

i have worked with some of the PAS MP before, i was really amazed by their conviction. i dont know any DAP MP personally but i believe there is something amazing about them. we all know, only BN cronies get all the big project and the big bucks. And all the oppostions party members, before they got elected they acted on their own accord with their own funding based on a belief that they want a better country. Absolutely no subsidies no fund no nothing from their parties.
After they got elected, DAP MPs donated their first month salary and 25% of their monthly salary to DAP.
After all the overheads/cost to sustain their service centre, they only got peanuts left (if at all), so what are they up to? Big projects? BN is still the govenrment la they themselve would not have enough to share.
So what are all this PR MP up to?
Like Karpal Sign, Gorbind Sigh, Segambut MP they are professioinal lawyers, they earn more if they consentrate in their profession, but why are they doing this?
When Segambut MP asked about the car park, did he really do that for himself? Come on, give him a break, RM10 (i read from paper, he donated all his RM15K deposit to charity what is RM10 to him). You guys got to be smart, dont be fooled by the paper. If you dont trust your MP, at least trust your good judgement when you put the MP there. Otherwise BN would only be happy to see that the people's representatives are querried by their own voters.
Think twice next time before you raise your gun. I would not want my MP to be disheartened and stop raising issues, i want him to raise as many issues as possible.
think, think, think, why should there be a limit in the first place for the represetative from the people to voice our their grivances?
Theresa used to go to DBKL and got slammed by them, all the problems we are facing now in KL are caused by them, why should there be a limit in the first place?
Best venue (roundtable) to voice? I feel pitty for you Labisman, down deep in your heart, you are so scared of the BN people though you might appear to be very vocal when you confront the Pakatan MP.
But you still think inside the box, roundtable BEST VENUE TO voice? Give me a break

Anonymous said...

Labisman, what do you mean by "You knew that you're dealing with warlords and you knew how they treated the opposition and Rakyat."

DO YOU MEAN SINCE WE KNOW THAT THEY PRATICE DOUBLE STANDARD AND THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS SO WE SHOULD KEEP QUITE AND TAKE THAT? Like the stupid comments by one ex BN MP - if woman cant fight the rapist just lie down and enjoy the sex?

The parking fee is not really a big issue la.

So, Labisman was right in a way, Lim should be grateful that he was even invited in the first place to enter the almighty 5 stars hotel and be there with them the almighty warlords.
Since now the best venue to raise issues has been totally destroyed by the PR MP, Labisman should we ask Lim to go back and beg for more oppotunities to raise issue?

Come on, the parking fee is not really a big issue la. it's saravanan who made it a big issue. This os to distracted the people, cox he has no answer to other questions raised by Lim, and in order to humiliate Lim he had to say that if Lim is governing MP he would want to own the hotel, come on, who is wasting time here? Lim or Saravanan?

Lim has elaborated, he only asked why was the arrangement, did he not also ask other questions? Other questions that Saravanan cant answer and would want to run away from!

WAKE UP, Labisman, this is the new era, PR has 10 out of 11 seats in Wilyah, if not becuase of the BN govenrment played dirty made Wilayah directly under the federal govenement, PR would be the state govenement in KL now.

DBKL and Saravanan (he is elected by people too, let's forget about the postal votes for a minutes) are supposed to listen to the people representatives!!!!!!!!!

Cut the crap about the best venue and best timing, DBKL is to serve people, so is Saravanan, they should stop acting like they are the king here.

Be brave people. We made our choice on 8.3.08, we should standby our MP. Give them the support they require and stop weighing them down with this kind of criticism. this is what Saravanan wants, and lets not fall into his trap!

Anonymous said...

polite is always good, it's our culture, i think it's right too to put down all baggage and start afresh.

the single incident of granting favoritism to their own cronies and the PR MPs have to pay for their own parking, without considering the history of the 2 rivalry parties is just an act of sheer inconsiderate and rude, nothing more than that. No big deal! Like Labisman said, we all know what kind of people the BN MPs are. And I think the PR MPs can handle that. No need to make a big fuss.

But come to think about it, if the single incident is not just an act of sheer inconsiderate but a test of whehter how much PR MP would swollow, then....Labisman you might want to reconsider your comment. This time maybe the PR MP is denied free parking, next time maybe they would be denied the right to know about what's really going on in their consituensy, (exactly like the Sukaneka in Segambut!) and next maybe they would ignore you MP totally. Then you can have your MP sitting in their service centre answering phone calls regarding rubbish (which was suppposed to be collected by DBKL), and tree brunches (again which was supposed to be taken care by DBKL, and longkang sumbat (again DBKL)and your MP can have time to attend grooming class too, learn how to be politically polite (how ironic).

We would never know now whether this is just sheer inconsiderate or a test to PR MP cox after it has been raised by Segambut MP, i guess Saravanan would be either more considerate next time or he would learn the lesson thgat PR MP cant be bullied!

As to whether Mr Lim is the voice of Pakatan Rakyat or the voice of himself. I cant be bothered. i just think that if the MP cant even stand up for himself how is he goint to stand up for us. If he as a lawyer cant tell what is discrimination/favouritism how is he going to protect our rights. If he apa-apa pun boleh give in, ini susah lah tak payah cakap la, ini leceh la tak payay usik, then how is he going to help us?

Confrontion without a good cause is not good, i agree, but not when your right is prejudiced. Mana maruah PR MP? Actually it is quite embarrsaing that all of PR MPs have to pay whereas the cromies dont have to. Very malu.

Many would even think that Segambut MP is petty, fought over this, but, how many has really thought about it, did he really fight for himself?

Please, give him the benefit of the doubt, he cant pay RM10? he can make more from his pratice as a lawyer la.

jules said...

an uncouth like saravanan is a lallang and should be treated as such.just don't hold back any quarters and don't be kesian with any idiots like him.i'd say go for the jugular !!!!

KL Man said...

i think tactful is good, like many BN MP, one hand holding your shoulder 1 hand holding on to kris. Maybe YB can ask all the questions with a big smile on his face? that will do?
If Saravanan is smart (which i very much doubt so) he would know what that means. Then you wont give him an excuse to "fa lan za" (throw tentram when he can answer). Come on you can do that, Dr M cried when he had no answer, Rafidah cried when she had no answer, even Pak lah engaged that tactic too many times.
Also the sungai Pinang state assembly man, when he threw the book and was chased out by the speaker and forbid to enter the state assembly, i think the BN laughed until tears came out, just waht they wanted and it was the people who suffered, we voted for him to go in there to protect our rights, instead he threw tantram and got himself chased out! This I would consider serious cox state assembly is really the right venue to voice out. Roundtable retreat? not really la. we will see how long these warlords can last with this kind of attitude

Segambut Resident said...

I bet this blog is closely monitored by the BN people and i too beleive that some of the comments were posted by their cronies, with only 1 intention, to discourage our MP.
People, dont get fooled by them. Even before i heard it from the horse's mouth,i knew that there were more than just the parking fee YB Lim has raised.
Saravanan is just being bitchy, cant handle the questions so the only distraction he could raise is pick something minor and make a mountain out of a molehill.
Like Tan Kok Wai (Bukit Bintang MP) said, Segambut residents, it's you fortune to have YB Lim here. Who would want an MP who can get along well with Saravanan and the DBKL, birds of the same feather flock together. Thank goodness YB Lim does not fit into their type!

michaeltheblogger said...

Dear YB Lim and all concerned,

While your comments about the Jalan Segambut traffic jam is noted, I believe more needs to be done.
And I mean more from the residents and the roadusers who pass by the area.
People power should be harnessed to push DBKL to do the necessary about the daily traffic crawl at Mandy Villa.
This would not be 100% supported though as some residents would be affected.
Also affected would some who are occupying certain areas illegally.
However this should not deter the people to take the correct and necessary action.
Look at Mandy Villa.
Take Saravanan to the site and record his comments on why Mandy Villa is built right to the edge of Jalan Segambut without road setback.
Hear what Saravanan has to say about Mandy Villa's guardhouse and the ramp that starts right at the edge of Jalan Segambut exactly infront of traffic lights.
Rapid buses and taxis and other vehicles stop to pick and drop passengers.
Is this the Minister's idea of convenience to the public ?
Take the Minister Zulhasnan and record his comments as all these construction took place during his term as Minister of FT, and he still is.
The land could have been easily setback 20feet for road widening since Mandy Villa was a new project.
The 4-lane dual carriageway flyover over KTM Komuter tracks was completed ten years ago but stopped progressing to where it is now.
Why stopped to where it is now?
The old houses from the flyover to Mandy Villa have not been relocated.
From the flyover to SJK(C) Khai Chee, many repair workshops are ready for land setback but DBKL and the Land Office PTG are not working.
Street Lamp Posts stick out of the middle road like flag poles and get in the way of traffic.
And construction of Mandy Villa's shoplots are in full swing.
The new building Wisma Suhati opposite Mandy Villa should not be given CF until the developer contributes and obeys new road changes and improvements.
After all Wisma Suhati also belongs to the same developer Gadang Group.
The guardhouse and ramp should be moved to the back of the project along Jalan Kelapa.
Jalan Kelapa, Lorong Kelapa and Jalan Kelapa Gading should be sealed and traffic within be moved to access and exit just before the KTM Komuter flyover.
Of course that is only solution for one side of the road.
The Mandy Villa fencing along Jalan Segambut should be demolished and setback till the edge of the building.
This suggestion is a bargain to the developer instead of tearing down the whole building, at their costs.
Wisma Suhati land should have been surrenderred by the developer of Mandy Villa for a U-turn to be made to replace the traffic lights.
Bus Top No. SG12 infront of Mesra Eletronik should be demolished and setback to infront of Mesra Eletronik.
The row of shops together with the bus stop SG12 are all illegal.
Someone is pocketing illegal rental income from these driving schools, insurance companies, food outlets.
Each time a bus stops at SG12, the whole traffic comes to a standstill.
Near to a small stream (or is it a big drain) at the traffic lights junction turning into the SPPK flats (Jalan 1/38B, now renamed Jalan Dutamas), the bridge should be widen as this is another cause for the traffic standstill for when a truck or bigger vehicle waits to turn right toward the flats, the straightgoing traffic cannot proceed anymore.
It is not difficult to solve the traffic problem at Jalan Segambut.
Ask the Minister if he has the will power to do it without his cronies pocketing anything.
If the entire Kampung Pasir near Taman Sejahtera / Taman Sri Segambut / Segambut Bahagia can be demolished (in process now) for the DUKE highway, I do not see how Jalan Segambut cannot experience the same process.
The previous MP from Gerakan failed due to party and BN politics, maybe even corruption in his assistants.
The DUKE highway goes over Jalan Segambut but in no way does Segambut residents have access to the highway up or down.
It's the same for the flyover from Jalan Duta to Jalan Ipoh.
It bypasses over Jalan Segambut and nobody can get up or down.
If the EPU is involved, ask the EPU officers to come and view the area together with us and let us records their statements.
Don't just be good in renaming the roads to Dutamas etc.
Now DBKL is also allowing another project to come up in another haphazard manner.
Plaza Medan Putra near Manjalara is mushrooming and DBKL officers just go and collect money.
The road in front of UOB Bank and Ho Ho Steamboat is experiencing daily jams as the developer has built their fencing right up to the traffic movement area.
Why no land setback ? Another Mandy Villa ?
DBKL must answer !
Minister must answer !
Saravan, please come and take a look at all these areas.
Tell us when you are going so we can see you there.
After all you tell the rakyat to go direct to you.
YB Lim, I hope you would inform your constituents of your plans for our areas of concern.
Organize regular meetings with us.
Saravan, if you say the people should go direct to you, organize regular meetings with the rakyat.
Don't expect the people to go to your office and your people tell us, "Dato' S's not in."
We'll be there to meet you.
YB Lim, let us show support to you in front of these ministers.
Get us to sign petitions.
A Government that ignores the rakyat's petitions should be voted out.
Harness people power!