Monday, April 28, 2008

DAP 'graftbusters' to fight corruption

Malaysiakini | Soon Li Tsin | Apr 23, 08 2:33pm

There is new team in town that aims to fighting corruption - meet the DAP’s ‘graftbuster’ squad.

At a press conference today, several DAP politicians announced that the team will complement the work of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) in accepting complaints from the public.

Segambut parliamentarian Lim Lip Eng said complaints may be e-mailed to members of the team together with evidence, to enable checks to be conducted.

He said the scope of complaints accepted will include everything except malpractice in commercial transactions, as this would be better handled by the police commercial crimes department.

“We are targeting mainly (complaints about) civil servants and the past (state) governments. We don’t want bare evidence, we want corroborated proof,” he said in Petaling Jaya today.

Also present were other members of the team - Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo and Kampung Tunku state representative Lau Weng San.

“We will work with the ACA, Royal Malaysia Police and the public complaints bureau in the Prime Minister’s Department,” Lim said.

“Once we gather all the evidence and proof, we will forward it to those departments and we’ll follow up closely. If no action is taken, we will disclose it further (to the public).”

Pua said the team will deal with the increasing number of people who wish to send them documents that indicate corruption.

“I think those (complaints) are a good start because (we can question, for example) why the government is awarding a RM120 million contract to an unknown company with foreign directors,” Pua said.

“If there is no corruption, (there is) a possibility of abuse of power in awarding contracts and so on. It allows us to go to Parliament and ask questions to get more information from ministries. These are the things we’re trying to curb in the new government.”

‘Work with us’

Gobind said he has received numerous complaints about local councillors appointed by the previous (Barisan Nasional) state governments having solicited money in exchange for approval of licences. Some are said to have threatened people.

“We have complaints from people who have gone to the ACA. They said that, despite having the evidence, many cases have been left unattended. Some (complaints) have been investigated but no action was taken.

“This move by the DAP will offer the people an alternative avenue for complaints. It gives the people a more direct approach to us as politicians because we can raise all this in Parliament. What we require now is for the people to participate so that the system can work.”

Asked if the team would act if allegations are made against a member of the Pakatan Rakyat, the lawyer stressed that there will be no double standards.

“We are very firm that our governance is corruption-free. In the event that there are allegations against our members, we will take those complaints very seriously and we will have them investigated. In the probability that action needs to be taken, we will be the first to take such action.”

On whether the team will declare their assets as a first step to show its transparency, Gobind said the DAP has yet to make a decision on this.

“We have no problem with (declaring our assets) but that decision will be made by the DAP central executive committee. Most of us have no assets anyway so we’re not really afraid,” he mused.

The team can be reached via email at and will also accept complaints at service centres set up by its members.


Anonymous said...

Just like a light being spotted at the end of a long...dark tunnel (it's so dark after numerous years of ACA's double standard).

Bravo PR, another brilliant implementation, i hope the people have no fear in providing info!

Anonymous said...

Finally there are some way can communicate with u.

Do u awake some segambut issue as below?
1)Traffic jam issue in front Mandy Villa, Segambut.
2)Indonesian labour raised safety problem toward us. We are feel very unsafe specially each time take KTM or bus.There are many cases happened.

We hope can have some feedback or revert from you.

Keep your spirit and continue lighting up our darkness....gambateh!!

Anonymous said...


Good afternoon to you.

Please be informed here that i have some gossip to share with the auntie and uncle here and this is not a defamation email or a sedition letter.

These was what i heard from a friend of mine…..He said that if you want to obtain a Law Degree ( External Programme only ) in one of Local University and pass CLP exam, it is so easy like “makan kacang putih”.

The question papers can be obtained via a “channel”. You only required to do is purchase the exam paper, memorised the answers and you will pass it at least a “B”.

Is that true ??? A friend of mine added : ” I heard it from a friend…friend of mine. Nobody is going to bother the crime act cause nobody will able to trace the “channel”. If you have a few hundred ringgit , you can be a lawyer in the period of 4 years from now. Furthermore, these activities has been happened since the year of 2001. I commented : ” Gosh!…..It is cheap in cost. But where can i find this “channel” ??? “. A friend of mine added :” Once you have registered the law course, someone will approach you somewhere ….somehow. Just save some money now…..who knows they are charging each paper or subject RM200 each. With this RM200, you will get the exam paper in one whole set one month before the exam. You will have enough time to prepare the answer and memorised. You “tidak perlu baca” the whole book lah……

I said : ” Now, everybody can be a legal adviser”. mmmmmm……..My friend quiestioned : ” Shall we report it to respective party like the university or the CLP board ??? But we don’t have any proof. ” I immediately replied : ” You better don’t talk so loud. Later , both of us kena warn by somebody because being acting as a busybody. ”

God Bless All of Us…….with no more under table money incident

I wonder : ” Where can i get to know this “channel” ? ” Could it be the admin staff ? the printer ? or the officer ?

Nahhhhhhhhh……….i am just have a blank thought. No bad intention here to point the arrow to who it is …..Just a wonder before i go to play my football.


@@@@@@ With sincere and with no bad intention to hurt whoever feeling here.....we are those people who are so fear to provide infomation.....we are too scared that our beloved will be get into trouble due to our "big mouth". Please assist us. @@@@@@

We are old folks, fear , poor and powerless......but willing to learn.

Lim Fung Yong said...

Dear YB Lim,

It is good that PR form "graftbusters" team to fight corruption. I would also suggest "inflationbusters" and "crimebusters" teams as well.

Just then the BN govt suddenly raised petrol prices and this had a spiralling effect on the rakyat.Just imagine a family of four in the low income group who had to struggle to make ends meet by having food on the table, meeting the kids bus fares increase,maintenance fees for the house , electricty etc. This family has virually no money left for a rainy day.I hope the PR inflationbuster team come out with concrete proposals to be adopted by the Federal and state govts to alleviate the sufferings of the poor, the retirees and the young who had just joined the workforce.They must think of both the rural and urban poor.

Just before the PRU12 , the BN govt announced a huge allocation for the police force in terms of manpower, vehicles , salary increase and additional police stations. Yet day in and day out there is an increase in the number of murders , robberies , snatch thieves resulting in serious injuries to victims , kidnapping car-napping with the victims being forced to reveal their money-card PIN number etc. This situation had reached a critical level so much so that a lot of citizens are afraid to leave the house for the fear of being robbed and injured.
The team must bring up to the relevant authorities the seriousness of the crime rate otherwise we will be living in a state of lawlessness. The police must act and act fast. The criminals are now the king of the land and can act as they like. The top police officers are just keeping quiet and shouting that they are short-handed. It is the time for the govt, law enforcers and politicians to act. Otherwise who do the poor rakyat turn to ?
Where had all the promises made by the PM before the PRU12 ? Is at all talk and no action ?
The rakyat deserves and answer.

FY Lim