Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Medan Damansara Hillside Development - Saravanan's promise

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resident of KL said...

What a load of rubbish!

What promise is it that this joker is promising?

Sometimes when i read about these cases, it is either the reporting that makes me laugh or the priorities of the protesters that makes me cry.

In the 1st place, development has already started even though common sense tells us that any development done on any hill side with a gradient of 60% runs the risk of affecting a potential landslide. So isn't this something that is against the law? So please someone tell me what promise is it that this joker is promising? That the development will have to be carry on because money had already been spend, therefore instead of 50 houses, only 25 houses will be built?

Is that the deal that this joker is going to present in a few weeks time? Is that REALLY what the residents wanted in the 1st place? Because regardless of 50 or 25 or even 15 houses, there will be future landslides resulting from the development of the hill. Those who are living below or near the foot of the hill will be looking up at the hill slopes everytime it rain and when a landslide DOES occur and properties and lives are lost, rest assure that this joker will be looking up to heaven and proclaim that it was all an act of god!....and what have the protests achieved, i ask?

And the 'BEST thing is that these episodes will be repeated all over KL in the near future. And what have we learned?

After all, according to the residents, the area had been earmarked as a green lung for so many years that suddenly we have these developments being carried out. Who had been changing the master plan? Isn't it proper that the people (who paid taxes) be consulted BEFORE any changes are made to the master plan?

And the way these people work, when any crisis occurs, they will listen with a serious face and a caring atitude (someone should be giving them an award for such acting, by the way) and then they will tell you that they will have to consult the Mayor or FT Minister or what-nots and one can be sure that 1) nothing is going to happen and/or even if anything happens, 2) The big man will over-ride the small man. A typical game of wayang kulit and buying time, if you ask me.

The role of the FT Minster and the Mayor are more or less identical. so why there 2 persons doing the same job?

No wonder things are not going well in KL.